{31 Days of Playlists} Day 3…Songs of Autumn

{If you’re new here, this is day 3 of  31 days of Playlists – a blog series connected and linked with over 1000+ bloggers–a fall gift you could say, from The Nester.}

I initially thought it was too soon to post an autumn playlist.

The last few weeks here in the Midwest haven’t been cooperating with delivering autumn weather.  Then this morning, I stepped outside, and a delicious cool (almost cold!) breeze blew through me and I happily reached for my sweater.  Autumn always sneaks up on me, especially now that I don’t live on the east coast–where it’s cool enough this time of year to drink a hot pumpkin spiced latte while traipsing through a pumpkin patch.  The heat hangs on just long enough for me to think autumn won’t come, and then she descends in all her glory – I revel in every minute, as the leaves change and I drink hot pumpkin spice chai for breakfast just to warm up.

There is something so peaceful, so hopeful and yet melancholy at the same time I experience whenever I listen to an Autumn playlist.  The songs often feel somewhat slower, more deliberate, as the world shifts from the hum and buzz of summer to a time of inward reflection.  Huge multi-colored leaves drift from the trees to delicious piles in the yard, the crisp coolness in the air alerting my senses, as I smell the scent of the fireplaces burning in the evening walk and happily think of the coming holiday season approaching…

I  hope there is a little something for everyone in this playlist.  I didn’t set out to put so much jazz in, but how can you come to the fall season, and not hear gems like “Autumn In New York” by the imcomparable Ella, or Charlie Brown’s “Great Pumpkin Waltz”?  I hope there’s also some new finds–I happily discovered new-to-me gems by Ed Sheeran, Firekites and Ben Rector.  Fire this playlist up for an evening walk, or a peaceful moment with some apple cider.  Enjoy!

31 Days of Playlists – Songs For Autumn

 (Just a reminder that if you are reading this post on your phone or ipad, you may not be able to see the Grooveshark player, hence I’ve listed the songs below. I’ve also included a youtube link for one of my fall faves that didn’t make it into Grooveshark’s database…sigh)

  1.   Autumn in New York – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
  2.   Autumn Nocturne – Cassandra Wilson
  3.   Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran
  4.   September Grass – James Taylor
  5.   Autumn Leaves – Eva Cassidy
  6.   October – Lucy Wainwright Roche (with The Indigo Girls)
  7.   Autumn – Paolo Nutini
  8.   Lord, Save Me From Myself – Jon Foreman
  9.   Naked As We Came – Iron & Wine
  10.   Autumn Story – Firekites
  11.  Autumn – Ben Rector
  12.  September – Earth, Wind & Fire
  13.  Great Pumpkin Waltz – Vince Guaraldi
  14.  Danke Schoen – Wayne Newton
  15.  Colors/Dance – George Winston
  16.  The Moment In Which You Must Finally Let Go – William Ackerman
  17. * October Road – James Taylor (This song would’ve been first on my playlist, but it’s sadly not in Grooveshark’s database).

What are some of your favorite songs for the Fall Season?

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