{31 Days of Playlists} Day 13…Spooky Tunes


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I read a post today at Modern Mrs. Darcy which begins with the phrase “Nobody I know is lukewarm about Halloween: they either love it or they hate it.”  While I would normally agree with her, I can tell she hasn’t met me…because I seem to be the odd ball out that tends to lukewarmness when it comes to the last day in October’s festivities.  I love a day that encourages loads of candy giveaways.  I can’t help it – I have a sweet tooth that won’t quit! (Can you tell by the photo above what my favorite part of Halloween is?   Good thing that dating thing with that pediatric dentist never worked out back in the day…)   I think it’s hilarious when I see random sightings of costumed folks out and about at work, the grocery store or driving in the car next to me. (Oh how I wish I had a photo of the red-jumpsuit-amoeba-looking man at the drugstore today on my way home!)  However, I honestly have never jumped on the “Estatic-About-Halloween” gravy train.  Perhaps it’s because of my years as a performer, where my work “job description” was dressing up in costumes and portraying a character every night for multiple months at a time.  Or perhaps it’s due to my lack of experience with dressing up a newborn (my hubs and I only have a puppy-dog kid at the moment) in the perfect insert-supercute-character-here onesie. (a friend posted a pic like this on facebook today, and I almost melted like the Wicked Witch of the West.  Seriously, people!)

At any rate, despite my aversion to Halloween, I do love me a fun theme playlist, and a Spooky party playlist most definitely fits the bill today!  I had fun researching fun tunes for this one online and at Pandora radio. (I almost forgot Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”.  And can we just talk about what a lovely cover Imogen Heap does of “Spooky”??)  I hope whether you have a fun dress-up party to attend tonight, you’re staying in with a bowl of candy for the visiting neighborhood kiddos, or maybe you’re just bah-humbug-ing on the couch watching sitcoms, you’ll give this ‘Spooky’ playlist a listen.  (OH, AND DON’T FORGET TO ENTER MY IPOD CASE GIVEAWAY ON THE POST BELOW!  It’s minimal effort for a cute product!  See the Day 12 post below).

(If you’re new here and can’t see the playlist below on your phone or ipad, simply scroll down to the songlist below – thank ye kindly!)

31 Days of Playlists – Spooky Songs

1.   Thriller – Michael Jackson

2.   Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show

3.   Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.

4.  Superstition – Stevie Wonder

5.  Freaks Come Out At Night – Whodini

6.  Somebody’s Watching Me – Michael Jackson

7.  Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley

8.  Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett

9.  Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon

10. I Put A Spell On You – Credence Clearwater Revival

11. This Is Halloween – Danny Elfman (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

12. Spooky – Imogen Heap

13. Rock Lobster – B-52’s

14. Ramalama Bang Bang – Roison Murphy

And for one more spooky treat, check out some of my favorite SYTYCD choreography – perfect for some Spooky Day Viewing!






2 comments on “{31 Days of Playlists} Day 13…Spooky Tunes

  1. Okay, so many things to say here. First of all – HI! It was so nice to meet you and visit with you at Allume! Second of all – Just so you know, I also love SYTYCD soverymuch. And finally, 31 Days of playlists?! What a fun idea!! I love it and will now proceed to bookmark the whole dang series. 🙂

    1. Mary, thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog! (I got so excited seeing your comment in my reader 🙂 I too was so glad to connect with you at Allume – I’ve been a reader of your words for awhile, and I feel you could be a kindred sister! 🙂 I’m so glad to find fellow SYTYCD lovers – I can’t believe I actually roped my hubby into watching this whole season with me this year! (Can I just say how excited I was that Chehon and Eliana won? Word.) So glad you like the series–I’m massively behind as usual (procrastination is my middle name), but I intend to finish all 31 of them out – hope you enjoy them! Thanks again for reading!

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