What I’m Into…November 2012 {A Link Up}

Today I read lovely posts by Modern Mrs. Darcy & Caris Adel, in which they each linked up with a new-to-me blogger Hopeful Leigh, who does a fantabulous series of monthly posts where she shares her current faves…

As I’m a sucker for a good favorites/list post, and I’m always looking for ways to be my extroverted self in the bloggy world (i.e. – I love to meet new friends!), I thought I’d try my hand at my favorites roundup for the lovely month of November:

Books on the Nightstand

A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans:  I am really loving this read…it is as good as it is popular in Christian reading circles at the moment.  Rachel is a delightful writer that has me laughing out loud and pondering deep truth in the span of a sentence.

Love Story by Nichole Nordeman:  The first book from a Christian musician that has been dazzling my ears for years with her insightful lyrics and lovely melodies.  This book is so delightfully conversational, and makes me feel like she’s sharing the entire thing with me over a good cup of coffee…

Praying God’s Word For Your Husband by Kathi Lipp: This practical and lovely book was one of the many titles I was given at the Allume conference.  Kathi gave a short talk at one of our group meals, and I instantly loved her effervescent and fun personality.  (She reminds me of my beloved theatre friends).  I just started this one, and anticipate it to be a quick read.

Where I’ve Been

This past month has been filled with delightful short weekend jaunts to see family.  A few days ago, I blogged about our non-traditional Thanksgiving adventure.

Favorite Finds

I first saw my favorite Write Now Journal  in a post on The Inspired Room blog,(Write More Happiness Into The World) then I saw another one of their lovely creations in a post at Cardigan Way. (In Everything, Give Thanks)  These journals are beautifully illustrated and come with a variety of designs and quotes – find your favorite one here.

Right before the Allume Conference in October,  I created some blog swag  to help promote my little piece of blog-estate…I took many notes, and have been going over my session notes, as well as brain storming and dreaming up lots of other ideas for future posts…And can I just say how in love I am with my blog header and pen design by the fantabulous Abigail Kraft?

It’s confession time:  I have a serious addiction to…pens.  I’m uber finicky about which pens are my favorite – it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to feel right as I grip it in my fingers, and run the ink across the page.  On our Thanksgiving Cali trip, I found a fantastic stationary store with all sorts of novelty journals, paper, gifts, and pens–it truly was like dangling a Manolo Blanik shoe in front of Carrie Bradshaw, people.  I found this lovely pen that claims to last for 7 years…we’ll see how that pans out, but I love the feather quill on the clip, and it writes beautifully.

I love to wander through the Anthropologie store when I’m looking for visual and or home inspiration…(though they are primarily a clothing store, my pocketbook winces at their prices).  Their mulled wine scented candle is a thing of beauty and the rich, sweet, earthy scent sends me over the moon in search of a crackling fire and a crockpot filled with wine and cinnamon sticks.

On The Blogisphere

~As usual, Sarah Bessey’s posts are amongst my favorites, and her narrative of An Imperfect Christmas might as well be my own (well, minus the tinies…).

~Rachel Held Evans has featured numerous ‘Women of Valour’ posts on her blog, and this one heralding (my favorite) author Madeleine L’engle (written by Catherine Trieschmann) is perfection.

~I will be doing my best to live and breathe the beautiful words of Sarah’s Markley’s Advent Season Manifesto this Christmas season…

~Sarah Markley also recently tweeted about her Writing Music Playlist, after which I promptly tweeted her back, and begged her to share it.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because I was thrilled to see she blogged about it. (Take a listen – it’s fantastic!)

~Deidra Riggs spoke to my foodie heart in her High Calling post, Eating From The Center of the Pie. (So excited to meet Deidra at the Jumping Tandem retreat next spring.)


Sometimes I really wish I had the patience and wherewithal to be a food blogger…because I am quite the foodie!  (I do intend to do more food-focused posts in the future, and perhaps even post a few photos and recipes…you up for it?)  To say I’m obsessed with Trader Joes may just be, ummm, a slight understatement. (Especially if you ask my husband).  I could devote this entire post to my favorite food finds there (and will be posting later in December specifically on their holiday treats) but November found me devouring their pumpkin bars and rosemary raisin (sounds gross, but trust me, they’re delish!) crackers…yummers.


For any regular readers I might have, this is a given, but for any new friend reading this post, I’ve been posting my playlists for over 2 months.  (I know, I know, it’s a 31 days series, but my chaotic schedule this fall led me to draw out the posts as long as needed to hopefully maintain quality.)  I have been listening to all sorts of styles of music, (I have some goodies left in the mix for you coming up – including my Christmas playlist and a guest post!) and have visited the Grooveshark database so often, I feel I could safely be their blogging poster child.  Along with my featured playlists, some of my new music finds are not in their database…

like the new Christmas album by Jennifer Knapp and Margaret Becker:

as well as returning to an old favorite, Over the Rhine’s Christmas Album Snow Angels:

What I’m Looking Forward To:

Today is the first day of Advent.  This season I will be reading through this Henri Nouwen reader.  I will also be referencing Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree Devotional and this book:

“God of…Christmas light…Deepen my longing, heighten my expectation, and make pregnant my hope.  I know that with my heart is a Bethlehem: a place where light shines with tender memories.  A place where angelic voices sing loud and clear.  A place of wonder and awe, delight and calm…God of…Christmas light, journey with me during these days so that I may know and prize my Bethlehem moments.  Amen.”

Larry James Peacock, quoted in An Uncluttered Heart

What were some of your favorite things this month?

8 comments on “What I’m Into…November 2012 {A Link Up}

    1. Thanks so much for reading Caris! (I’m a big fan of your blog too! 🙂 ) So glad you liked the journals – they are some of my favorites too. Your ‘What I’m Into’ post was the first one I saw, and inspired me to writing my own – thank you!

  1. What Caris said. So much to love! I adored A Year of Biblical Womanhood, those journals are beautiful, and Anthropologie has a MULLED WINE candle? I love that scent for this time of year and I’m going to grab one of those next time I’m at Anthro. (Our store here just opened this fall–it’s so fun to be able to say that!) I’m sure the enjoyment will be worth the $$$ price tag 🙂

    I just clicked over to see Sarah’s playlist–I’m adding all those to my rotation. It looks like we have similar taste in music and I’m grateful for the new additions.

    1. Slo glad you liked the post! (I read your blog regularly as well 🙂 ) Yes, the mulled wine candle is delightful – a bit pricey for me as far as candles go ($16). but a nice little holiday splurge…and it really is a quality candle – the scent is strong without being overpowering, I think. Isn’t Sarah’s playlist great? I wish I could round up all of my fave bloggers here with their favorite playlists…maybe next year! 🙂

  2. I was at Allume, too! Small world. Love those journals. I didn’t know Anthro had a mulled wine candle and definitely plan on picking one up soon!

    Thanks for linking up with What I’m Into!

  3. I know I’m so many days late, but I just loved your post and I’m just now catching up on it! So many things I could say, but I’ll save them for my email back to you, which will be as soon as I can stop for my cup of coffee. 🙂 We are kindreds, indeed! Reading the Jesse Tree devotionals along with you… Talk soon, friend! Blessings on the end of your semester…

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog Katie! Have loved reading your blog posts as well – I will get caught up after the end of my crazy semester as well – blessings, friend!

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