What I’m Into – January 2013 {Linkup}

Source: Download this free printable at mandipity.com
Source: Download this free printable at mandipity.com


I read somewhere that every year of your life feels like it passes by faster, and though I’m not very happy about it, I’m beginning to feel like it’s true.  Never the less, I’m thrilled to be linking up with Leigh for her monthly ‘What I’m Into’ linkup–it’s a fun ride, and I’m making it a tradition in these bloggy parts of the internet woods..


Micha Boyett calls it a promiscuious reader. I call it adult-ADD.  However you name it, I seem to have an ever growing and shifting pile of reads nearby.  I didn’t finish reading alot of books this month, because I couldn’t stop picking up new books that spoke to me.  I finished reading Jessica Height’s quick and wonderful ebook read 100 Pound Loser, as well as Nichole Nordeman’s phenomenal first book Love Story: The Hand That Hold Us From the Garden To the Gates.  I also surprised myself and quickly read a Christian fiction book, Submerged.   (Not my usual genre of choice.)  I was delighted when the author Dani Pettrey herself left a sweet comment for me on the blog.)  I just started Submerge’s sequel, her newest book Shattered.


One of my current favorite reads is Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist.  I’ve actually had this book living on my shelves for some time, but it never really felt like the right time to read it.  The past few weeks I have  been soaking up Shauna’s delicious writing and wisdom and highlighting like a madwoman.  Shauna’s writing voice is compulsively readable–I feel like reading her words teaches me more about the writing process.  I’m excited to read Prayer in the next month with the ladies at Incourage, through their current Bloom book study.   I’m still reading Rachel Held Evan’s book and The Creative Habit, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned a 1000 times.   I’m also really enjoying Lysa Terkeurst’s Unglued devotional.  It’s basically her book condensed to a lovely little 60 day devotional.  I’m pretty sure after I finish it, I will read the full book–it’s a book I don’t want to admit that I need, but I do.  I’m also loving Jen Hatmaker’s Bible Study version of Seven, as the book was one of my favorite reads last year.  Thankfully, it’s not just her book rehashed, but all new material.  She gives wonderful alternative suggestions to participating in each week’s fast.  My husband and I did the food fast last week.  I’m not going to lie – it was brutal.  My book stack is rounded out by Kathleen Norris’ brilliant little morsel,  The Quotidian Mysteries.

My Winter Mantra {Favorite Pinterest Find}

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I have one more class to graduate.  Biology 106 for the win.

Runner-Up Pinterest Fave


























My latest find at Trader Joe’s is a delicious salad loaded with nutritious goodness.  The carrot miso ginger dressing is worth the price of the salad alone.

Writing Tool



I snagged this writing folio from Dayspring at a deeply discounted rate.  (It’s no longer on sale, but you can still find it here.)  This quote reminds me everyday of the importance and connection of my writing and my faith.


My sweet husband and I caught some wonderful movies this past month, and all three were FANTASTIC.  Lincoln was an incredible film, and Daniel Day Lewis’ portrayal of President Lincoln is one of the best acting lessons I’ve ever seen on film.  I felt I was watching a historical figure literally come to life before my eyes.  (One of the most Oscar worthy performances EVER.)    I was honestly ready to not enjoy Les Miserables, being a musical theatre purist.  Happily, I thought the film was fantastic, and Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Jean ValJean was breathtaking.  My only complaint…Russell Crowe as Javert.  I’m sorry, Russell’s acting couldn’t even save this portrayal. My case in point:  My husband and I first heard Crowe sing one of his character Javert’s well known song “Stars” on Sirius XM on a roadtrip.  Saddened by the quality of the singing, I immediately played the same song sung by Broadway star Norm Lewis.  “Is that the same song?” my Husband asked.  I rest my case.   My husband was uber excited to see The Hobbit, and it was every bit as captivating and wonderful as we thought it would be.   (It of course made me want to re-read the book.)  Ian McKellan’s portrayl of Gandalf was nothing short of magical.

Favorite Quote


Speaking of Tolkien, my sweet friend Katie from Cardigan Way created this lovely quote in a her blog series, 31 Days of Lovely Lines.  I loved reading these words for most of the month as my iphone wallpaper.


Emily @ Chatting At The Sky: Artists & Influencers–They’re Teaching Me About Writing 

This blog series is one of my must-reads.  So far she’s written about people who teach her about writing, home and the church.

Kristen @ Rage Against The Minivan: Dear Pastor Mark, Pontificate This: 

I wish I had the guts to write my heart and feelings out on in the blogisphere in such a clear and articulate way as this lady.  This post lit up the internet for good reason.

 Sarah Bessey: In Which There Is No And

There’s no doubt about it – Sarah Bessey is a blog star, and her posts abound with wisdom, courage and incredibly beautiful writing.  I am very excited to read her first book this year.  Along with this touching post, she wrote about purity and the church, which pretty much blew up the internet as it crashed it’s host site.  Her words have power, and resonate with more and more people everyday.

Ann Voskamp @  A Holy Experience & Incourage: 25 Point Manifesto For Sanity

I am a huge fan of Ann’s blog–and in particular, her fantastic (free!) printables.  This print is getting framed and hung in the office.  Pure truth.


I usually always go to music first for any inspiration, but this month I have been sorely lacking discovering new music.  I’ve been listening to my old standby’s– Sting (any and all)  and Mumford & Sons (Babel), along with some Paul Simon (Rhythm of the Saints).  I’ve also been listening to The Civil Wars, and hoping their breakup will one day just be a bad dream.  I snagged some tunes from their recently released Unplugged album–particularly their covers of Portishead (Sour Times) and Michael Jackson (Billie Jean).  I’ve also been inspired by this particular Tuesday Tunes post over at my friend Reeve’s blog.

What I’m Looking Forward To



Given the fact that most of my music listening has been my old-soft-shoe-comfort music, I figured I need to make playlists a regular thing on the blog.  (Part of my reason for doing the 31 Days of Playlists in the first place I think).  I’ll be kicking off a new and ongoing series – ‘Monday Mixtape’ pretty soon–it may even be a fancy schmancy guest post – we’ll see!

What have been highlights of your January?  What are you super excited for next month?



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  1. I love all of this, of course!! I’m also still working on Biblical Womanhood…I think it may take awhile with my other things needing to be read! And LOVE the idea of mixtape Monday. Cute, cute graphic! (And thank you again for your genius idea…I can’t get this out of my mind, “the beauty of it smote his heart…”)

  2. love all the book recommendations!! I LOVED bittersweet so much and CAN NOT wait for her new book:)

    really excited about your new music series! It’s almost always my favorite post to come up with each week. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine!

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