Mixtape Monday – Songs For Studying

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Today’s a busy study day for me.   Another Biology exam looms tonight, and it’s definitely the heart of the in-the-home-stretch-to finish-my-last-class–and-finally-just-get-the-degree time in my semester.  {Run on sentence anyone?  If you couldn’t tell, my last class most definitely isn’t English.}

Therefore, today’s Mixtape Monday is an offering of songs for studying.  Or writing. Or criticial thinking.  Or for working.  Or insert-your-daily-task-of-choice-here.

These songs soothe me, get me humming, and generally make me smile.  I discovered the Paper Kites on Reeve’s blog.  I also have included a youtube video of the Civil War’s new music from the movie soundtrack, A Place At The Table.   {Yeah, I think they’re still broken up.  And I’m still in denial.}  I also included a few ditties from my guilty pleasure T.V. show Nashville.  {As far as I’m concerned, these two artists are my favorite singers on the show}.

I’ll be sharing another interview in the Resources For Creatives series this week that I’m most excited about – I hope you’ll come back and check it out.

But for now…Biology 106 study notes beckon….

{if you are viewing this post on a smartphone or an ipad, the music player may not show up.  Kindly scroll down to the songlist and video below.}

 Mixtape Monday – Songs for Studying
  1.  Bloom – Paper Kites
  2. Featherstone – PK
  3. Woodland – PK
  4. Halcyon – PK
  5. Paint – PK
  6. Billie Jean (live) – The Civil Wars
  7. If I Didn’t Know Better – Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen (Nashville)
  8. Stubborn Love – The Lumineers
  9. When The Right One Comes Along – Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen (Nashville)
  10. {Video} -Finding North – The Civil Wars (A Place At The Table)


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