Mixtape Monday – My Audition Songbook

{Yes, I know it’s Tuesday and I should have been posted yesterday…but I’m happy to be making up the rules around here, and my activities today lended to coming up with a fun theme for this week’s mix-tape.}

I have yet another audition today.  I should be uber excited, but I’m afraid my rehearsal schedule conflicts (being in my best friend’s wedding a week before the show’s opening) won’t allow me to be a part of this show.  Rather than canceling my audition, I am going to let the producers know right away so they can decide, and be grateful for ANY audition experience I can partake in these days.  (I’m also excited about a future project at that theatre).

I was going to post my ‘Musical Theatre Favorites’ in this post, but I realized it would be fun to share musical theatre songs I have performed for many-an-audition, so you could learn more about me and the artistic craft I am so passionate about.

Without further ado, here are my favorite audition songs.   Of course, this book is a constant work in progress–I’m working on new songs as we speak.  Some I don’t use  anymore (because of my, ahem, advancing years), but I used them very frequently in the past with much success.  Most are in my audition book right now as we speak.  I most likely will sing When Did I Fall In Love today…  I’ll be returning to my favorite styles of music next week, but thought you might enjoy an ‘insider’s peek’ into my audition book – one of the quintessential tools in my musical  journey.

Let me know what you think!

{If the music player is not visible on your device, kindly scroll down to the song list.}

Mixtape Monday – My Audition Songbook
  1. When Did I Fall In Love – (Fiorello)
  2. Little Girls – (Annie)
  3. It’s A Privilege To Pee – (Urinetown)
  4. Ice Cream – (She Loves Me)
  5. You’ll Never Walk Alone – (Carousel)
  6. My White Knight – (Music Man)
  7. Climb Every Mountain – (The Sound of Music)
  8. You Don’t Know This Man – (Parade)
  9. This Place Is Mine – (Maury Yeston’s Phantom)
  10. Brimstone & Treacle – (Mary Poppins)



2 comments on “Mixtape Monday – My Audition Songbook

  1. love, love, love… I’ve been stoked about your musical theater playlist! I would love even more to hear them in your voice! thank you SO much for your email…it has been A WEEK. but I’m getting there and I’ll be in touch soon…today if I can help it. 🙂 Blessings to you, dear friend!

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