Mixtape Monday–2 Albums You Should Know

I am a big fan of behind-the-scenes videos.  Little snippets of screentime that tell me the backstory behind the work always excite me about upcoming projects–perhaps it’s the theatre-nerd inside of me.  I’m also the first one to pull up a chair when an artist shares their creative process…or just gives me a glorious performance–and happily the videos on today’s post do just that.

When I went to make this week’s mix tape, I realized the downfall of my beloved Grooveshark mixes – they don’t always deliver when you want to share new music. Instead of a music mix, I’m sharing behind the scenes videos & a poignant new recording.  The first album is out, the second releases April 23rd.

The Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver – Various Artists

This is probably one of the best tribute/compliation albums I’ve heard in quite awhile.  The caliber of artist covering Denver’s songs is eclectic and first rate.  For fans of Brandi Carlile, Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Train, Amos Lee and more – give this a listen.  There’s both creative interpretation and respect of Denver’s original and classic renditions.


Steve Martin & Edie Brickell – Love Has Come For You

I am a huge fan of both Steve Martin & Edie Brickell (LA Story is one of my favorite movies of all time…and hello? Shooting Rubberbands At the Stars is a part of my CD history)–and the eclectic goodness of these two creatives joining forces is a recipe for musical magic.    The first video below is a funny (true to Martin’s form) little short about the birth of this project.  I also love what Edie shares about their creative process: “All of the opening lines come straight out of the banjo.  The mood that Steve sets is so powerful that all I had to do is trust what I heard and how it made me feel, and then start singing.  And there it was.  The songs were gifts – straight from the banjo’s melody.”

To try and give you at least one (almost) full song to play on today’s Mixtape, the next video is the first single off the new record, Love Has Come For You.


What music are you listening to these days?


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