The Lights of New York & Spiritual Family


Today I flew across the country to see my people.  My kindreds.  My spiritual family–given to me by God to stand in the gap.  i took some of my first full breaths of peace and relaxation of my summer.

My heart is so full tonight.  I sat and had soul deep words with the woman who has been one of the greatest influences in my spiritual and artistic life.  I hugged my friend I love like a brother, and listened to him share the sheer beauty and strength of his heart.  We ate shrimp drenched in decadent sauce and red chiles, and cool crab meat immersed in a bed of slaw and green apples.  We devoured sweet potato sushi rolls and small pockets filled with avocado, lobster and flakes of fish and ginger.    We walked block after city block and talked and listened and slurped cool frozen yogurt.  We sat on a rooftop overlooking a myriad of twinkling midtown lights and soaked up the space and the mood while summer gave us the rare gift of a breeze.

I am more than happy.  My soul is being filled with the best kind of love and joy.  This trip is true grace – pure and simple.


And it’s just begun.

Soli Deo Gloria.

2 comments on “The Lights of New York & Spiritual Family

  1. So, so beautiful. It is grace to me to read it as it was to watch it in your insta-feed. I read this prior to our trip — and then turned off the computer for the week — but it is refreshing for me and I wasn’t even there! I’m so glad you were able to go. Soli Deo Gloria indeed.

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