Sacro Speco {Sacred Space}



When the monk Benedict of Nursia abandoned his studies in Rome, he found his way to a cave in the hills of Subiaco.  This cave would become his sacra speco, (or) sacred space.  It was there that Benedict devoted three years of his life to searching for God.    Out of his deep listening in the cave of solitude was born one of the most loved rules of all ages – the Rule of St. Benedict.

The monk, a universal archetype of the search for the divine, represents everything in you that leans toward the sacred, all that reaches for what is eternal.  The monk represents everything within you that is drawn to seek with unwavering love; to wait for the Holy with reverential awe; to praise, bow and adore.

-Macrina Wiederkehr in the foreword to The Artist’s Rule by Christine Paintner



{I like to link up with various online communities on the weekend with pictures, Scriptures & quotes that lead to reflection, meditation and reverent quiet.  I’m finally giving a name to this process for myself.  I am aspiring to more pursuit of the Sacro Speco in my own life, and hope we can share that pursuit here on the weekend. If you’d like, I hope you’ll link up here next weekend with your own Sacro Speco post?  Grace, Rest & Peace to you this weekend, friends.}

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying ‘hello’ Joanne! I love Deidra’s Sunday linkup – hope you’ll come back and link up over here too next week. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading and for the encouragement!! I love Anne’s blog too – she’s very inspiring to me. Sometimes I feel like perhaps only a handful of souls read my blog, but I have learned to be grateful for my fellow community of bloggers – no matter the numbers! I’m so glad you feel the peace to ‘breathe deeply’ on my site. I’ve always wanted my blog to feel that way, but was unsure if readers felt that – thanks again!

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