Day 12…My Favorite Blog Designer {New Design Reveal}

I have been over the moon excited about this blog design for awhile now. I am thrilled to show you my blog’s recent makeover, and the artist and friend who made it all possible!


Abigail Kraft has the sought after talent of being both a brilliant creative artist and a technical whizbang. She both designed and helped me launch All Manner of Inspiration right around this time last year. I was so thrilled with her results, I asked her to help me dream big, and come up with another blog re-design.

She’s integrated many lovely elements into this design, but my favorite is the category bar featured in the header. Simply hover over each picture to read various posts on different aspects of life and inspiration.


Most of the reason I gave my blog a makeover is I wanted to shift focus. I realized that while I love the concept of writing out ‘a life mosaic’, I have another dream for this blog. I’ve enjoyed both nurturing my creative spirit in this online space, and encouraging other creatives.

Thus, I began to realize that All Manner of Inspiration’s main vision is Cultivating The Creative Life.

IMG_4983You hopefully won’t notice a huge shift in the kind of posts I write. {Especially not during this month of 31 Days of Favorites. } I will continue writing out my life, and sharing various forms of inspiration I discover along the way.

I also hope to continue to curate interviews with creatives in various fields, and create a strong sense of community. Look for more linkups {like the current weekend/Sunday linkup}, Sacro Speco. A bigger blogging/artistic dream is podcasting, video interviews, and perhaps a creative community involving online classes and things I’ve yet to dream??

If there is something specific you’d like to see me address on the blog that you haven’t already seen {or perhaps something I’ve written about that you’d like more of}, please drop me a line–I’ve now got a handy-dandy message field for you to fill out that goes right to my inbox under ‘contact me‘.

Another thing I’d love to tell you about is one of the main projects Abigail is working on these days.

Illustration by Abigail Kraft


Abigail’s talents extend into her amazing family. Her mother, Lynnette Kraft, is an author and blogger, and her brother Jared is a composer. The Kraft family has been collaborating on “Ingrid”, a youth novel experience, and is seeking publication later this year. I’m thrilled to feature some of Abigail’s incredible hand-drawn illustrations here. {Can I just say I was so tempted to have her hand-draw graphics for my new blog design? Sounds like the next blog re-design goal!}

Illustrations by Abigail Kraft


Check out Ingrid’s website for more information on the book, {as well as how you can donate to a publishing fund)and its beautiful accompanying soundtrack. I hope to feature Ingrid as a book giveaway when its complete!

I can’t thank Abigail enough for her vision, patience, dedication, artistic spirit and beautiful heart. If you are thinking about a blog or website update, consider Abigail as a collaborative partner — her skills and professionalism are first rate!

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Do you have a favorite artist/designer you’ve collaborated with on your blog?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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    1. Thanks! I’m still trying to get the categories organized right (organization is SO not my forte…sigh) so that the right posts come up. I am so grateful to Abigail – she is brilliant, and I’m glad you like the design too! 🙂

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