What’s On My Bookshelves – A Virtual Tour



One of my favorite bloggers, Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy, is hosting a bookshelf tour linkup.  I’ve been excited to write my post for awhile now, but I’ve been a bit delayed the past few weeks, as we are furiously packing for an out of state move.

As expected, the packing process had made for some messy bookshelves.  It’s also been an excellent tool for me to take stock of my books – the ones I love the most vs. the ones I can give away.

Without further ado, come along and snoop my shelves!


The bookshelf above is currently in the best shape of all of my bookshelves in our pre-moving state.  On the top shelf, I keep a collection of antique family Bibles I’ve acquired through the years from dearly departed relatives.  The largest one was made in the early 1800’s, and has gorgeous artwork.  I also love my most recently acquired Good Book – The Bible Across America – which features an entirely handwritten Bible verse by verse.


The next level of the bookshelf holds a good deal of my 2013 reads. {At least, the ones I own that I’m not referencing, or the books I checked out at the library}.  Next to those are some of my faves by Madeleine L’Engle {my favorite author}, and the beginning of my favorite books on acting and auditioning.



The rest of the shelf includes the rest of my acting book faves, including some Stanislavski, one of my favorite plays, more random faves, two wonderful books by Macrina Wiederkehr and some of my favorites by Donald Miller.  Oh, and let’s not forget my random library book, waiting to be returned–a little gem by Henri Nouwen.



The bottom shelf is rounded out by a hodge podge of my favorites – including more memoir, contemplative reads, some Lamott, some Yancey, a classic novel and a handful of other random reads.



I’m now letting you in where the magic happens.  Friends, I give you the gritty, messy, pre-move bookshelf that is cluttered, covered, and where I house many types of my favorite books.  This bookshelf used to be in a much more cohesive order, but thanks to lack of space, and now an impending move {as in less than a week away}, this lovely little ikea number is now a catch all for the books I’m not parting with. I’m looking forward to re-shelving my books at home over the holidays and making them pretty.  {Sounds like I’ll need a follow-up blog post.}


Here’s some close up pics below detailing this shelves contents:


These books piled atop my shelf are my favorite reads involving art and creativity.  I am currently writing an upcoming blog post about these books–there is so much wisdom and beauty within their pages.



My blogging friend Leigh Kramer started a fun conversation in the blogosphere awhile ago about piles of books we book nerds have that are as yet unread.  This is my shamelessly large pile.  And I’m not even embarrassed to say there’s more that aren’t included here.




On one of the top shelves are some of my geeky theatre books.  There are reads on and by my favorite musical theatre composer, Stephen Sondheim and my favorite musical scripts.




Because I knew we were moving, I hadn’t organized these shelves much at all.  The top shelf is full of some of my favorite reads – books I return to again and again.  The 2nd shelf down is full of both books I’ve read and loved, {like Nouwen’s The Inner Voice of Love, the charming food memoir Lunch In Paris and one of my favorite quote books.}  There are also some titles I’m getting ready to read next – like a copy of Prototype I acquired free at the Allume conference,  a foodie read that’s been on my to-read-stack for months,  An Everlasting Meal, and a Newbury award winner loaned to me by my Godmom.



I am, shall we say, a wee bit obsessed with journals and journal writing.  I’ve finally realized this is probably where my love for writing was birthed all along.  It used to be a secret hobby, now I celebrate it.  Along with some of my favorite books on spiritual journaling, I’ve got my current reading journal on this stack, along with various blank journals I’ve collected over the years {some overseas} for both gifts, and future journals for myself.



Last month, I scored big at the public library book sale.  I attended on the last day, when they were just giving away books.    I definitely want to give away some of these goodies on the blog.  In the corner of the photo, you can also get a peek at just some of my favorite Beth Moore studies.


 The last ‘bookshelf’ space I’m leaving you with is my nightstand.  As much as I try to clean it off, or put my reading pile on a shelf, my current reads always end up here.  It is an extension of my bookshelf, usually where my ‘favorite reads’ end up, my place of peace and comfort after a long day.  This particular stack holds some fantastic gems, including one of my favorite reads of the year, the first book with my published words inside, and a Bible that belonged to my mother.

What’s on your bookshelf?

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13 comments on “What’s On My Bookshelves – A Virtual Tour

    1. Thanks so much for reading Emmy! Yes, I believe we should NEVER feel bad for having a lot of books – especially in this age of kindles and e-books! 🙂 Many of my books are available at crazy discounted prices at used bookstores, and I’ve checked so many good ones out at the library too! 🙂

  1. Hey Sarah!
    Thanks for sharing your books — loved seeing all of your favorites : ) I’d be to shamed to show mine — I’m a bit of a book hoarder.
    I hope your move goes smoothly and send me an email when you’re ready to guest post : )

    1. Thanks SO MUCH for saying hello Mimi – I am seriously overdue for writing you an email! Thanks SO MUCH for grace for our move! I can’t wait to write a post for you!

  2. Okay, seriously, I’m starting to think we may have been separated at birth.

    This is a great post! So much fun. I LOVE Sondheim. I just read “Finishing the Hat” and “Look, I Made a Hat” a few months ago. I relished the sheer theatre nerdiness of them. He is so intelligent, and I learned much about smart songwriting along with many fun tidbits. (I had no idea he invented “everything’s coming up roses”. Amazing.)

    You haven’t read “The Help”? Girl, you need to get on that. 🙂

    What did you think of Garlic and Sapphires? I’m an avid Top Chef and Top Chef Masters viewer, and I’ve been curious about her book.

    Praying the move goes smoothly!

      1. Are you talking about the gratitude cup from Dayspring on my nightstand? Yep, I LOVE them! (And Dayspring). I don’t have the whole set, just a few of those mugs. 🙂

    1. I LOVE that we have so many reads and interests in common! 🙂 I am so happy to hear from a fellow Sondheim-lover! 🙂 His music really is the reason I went into musical theatre performing professionally, and not opera. (A production of Sweeney Todd in college was somewhat life changing for me. 🙂 My hubby got me that book, and I love it. I’ve only spot read it, I need to read more.
      I know, I know – I can’t believe I haven’t read “The Help” either! {And my sweet southern mother-in-law even loaned me her copy for awhile! For shame. :)}. I LOVED Garlic & Sapphired! Ruth Reichl seriously became one of my favorite writers this summer! I actually recommend you read her memoirs first – the only reason they aren’t pictured is b/c I checked them all out at the library this summer. The first one is Tender At the Bone, but I started with Comfort Me With Apples, which was my FAVORITE. They were first recommended to me by Shauna Niequist in the back of her Bread & Wine book – she has some FABULOUS recommended reads in the appendix of that book! I loved seeing Ruth on the Top Chef shows, especially after I read her memoirs, and learned she is almost an icon in the food world – she knew so many major food chefs and folks before it was ever trendy. Seriously – her books were some of my favorites of the year – check them out!
      Thanks for the prayers for the move – we’re so happy to be home! Now we just have to dig ourselves out from under a sea of boxes! 🙂

  3. Your bookshelves looks almost as crazy as mine. It’s nice to see that not everyone organizes their books beautifully by color! Your books on prayer looks very similar to mine, except I have never read any Yancey…. sounds like perhaps I should change that?

    1. That’s so refreshing to hear Sarah! 🙂 I will probably organize them a bit more once we get moved, but I have never had perfectly organized/color coded ones like so many other’s bookshelves I see. Love that we have the prayer books – and YES – you MUST read some Yancey! I love his writing – he is one of the first memoir-like voiced writers I read years ago before it became trendy or popular. (I love, in particular, Soul Survivor and Reaching For The Invisible God by him.)

  4. I’m so envious of your Blue Bike ARC! I see a lot of titles I’ve read here, and even more that I haven’t. I put Jesus Feminist on my Christmas wish list. I’d really like to get to On Writing someday too.

    1. Thanks so much for reading Shana! 🙂 I actually simply asked Tsh through Twitter for an ARC copy of Blue Bike! 🙂 I know she is going to do a launch team about it – you should email her, and see if you can be put on a list – I think everyone in her launch team gets a copy. {I subscribe to her newsletter – hence the only reason I know such things. 🙂 } Jesus Feminist is SO good – its seriously one of my favorite books of the year. On Writing is good too. 🙂 I’d love to see a peek at your shelves – did you link up? {This link up happened when I was packing for an out of state move – I feel so behind in my blogging and online reading 🙂

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