Reclaiming March


About the time I started  college,  I started to see passing of my days and months in my mind as a picture of a calendar, with the entire year making a visual circle.

I fully understand I am bad at articulating such an abstract concept, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one whose brain works this way. One of my favorite bloggers Emily perfectly describes the ‘calendar-image’ phenomena I also experience.  {She jokingly tells us it ‘proves her crazy’.}

I daresay this concept is helping me visualize and reclaim a once-favorite month for proactive goodness in my creative process. 

 {If you’re still with me after that confusing introduction, I swear I have a point.}

My point is, I always looked forward to, oddly enough, the month of March.

The reason for that revolves around vocation and art.

Being a professional actor for most of my younger life, my work life centered around auditioning for and performing in tours and regional theatre productions.  {There was also a host of odd jobs while looking forward to the next job, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.}  In a typical year for a full time actor, {especially ones living in New York, Chicago, or other major cities} auditions typically were held the most during the spring, in March.

For this reason in particular,  I LOVED the month of March. The thing I remember most experientially is abundance.  There were many auditions to schedule, trips to take to audition and callbacks to prepare for.  There were audition dresses to wear {usually some form of cobalt blue for me, my favorite color}, character shoes to break in during dance callbacks, and spring air to breathe in, while singing and and acting your heart out, and hoping it was enough to ‘sing for your supper’, so to speak.  {I assure you, my glasses aren’t rose-colored.  There was also heaps of angst and anxiety, and wishing’ and prayin’, but I’ve learned that’s par for the course with an artist’s life.}

As the years went on,  my March evolved into something different.

It sadly became  just another month.   It became about a 9 to 5 job, or another month in a town I hoped to leave.  I felt like a boring grown up, and  wondered if perhaps my days of spring creativity were behind me.

This year, I’ve decided that enough is enough.

I’m Reclaiming March.

Make no mistake, I realize that yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and one would remind me that this month is half over.   That’s duly noted.

But the beauty is, I’ve been busy this month.

Busy being creative. 

I’ve been taking virtual voice lessons, and working on my singing audition book.  I’ve been rehearsing the concert version of Sweeney Todd with a large chorale in Dallas every Tuesday night, and happily driving home tired from singing high C’s & D’s. I’m currently prepping for a very-important-to-me audition that even entered my dreams last night.  I’m reading incredible books that will be subjects of blog posts next month.  I’m carving out large chunks of my day for the creative process, and its honestly making my creative soul happier than I’ve been in months.

I’m reclaiming this beautiful time of uncertain weather and Spring’s beginnings for a fruitful time in my creative process.

I’m not judging the success of my creativity necessarily on a booked job from an audition, or another author’s approval from a blog post.

Though we’re in the midst of Lent right now, this season for me is not about focusing on my lack, or what I’m giving up.

Creativity and longing are hard wired into my DNA, and I can’t exist happily without expression.

Reclaiming March is important to me and my growth as an artist. 

For this realization, and the adventure of this process, I’m so grateful. 

What creative practice do you need to reclaim in your life?


4 comments on “Reclaiming March

  1. I think reclaiming March is a wonderful idea, and I love that you put an artistic emphasis on this month. I’ve always loved March because it brings the beginning of spring, and my birthday!

    1. Thanks Traci – I’m so glad you enjoyed this piece. I’m with you – March ushers in all that is lovely about spring!

  2. You are so right about needing to carve out that creative time! I’m such a happier person when I’ve been writing and when things get stressful and I “don’t have time” for it, everything feels harder. Hope the rest of your March flies by creatively 🙂

    1. Thank you Moira – and thanks for reading! 🙂 I finally realized that I needed to ‘claim’ and ‘name’ (forgive the cliched terms, but that’s I guess what it is) this time in my creative process. Its done wonders for my creative spirit. Thanks for the well wishes – March seems to be flying by! (in a good way!)

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