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My best friend used to belong to a community church garden, smack dab in the middle of suburban Dallas. On the weekends, I would accompany her to a small patch of soil that felt like an oasis amidst the commonplace suburbs and concrete. Though sometimes I would complain and grumble about the heat, (my tolerance for summer’s high temps and mosquitos bites is low), Janie usually shushed me in her calming way, and gave me a job by putting a shovel, a rake, or a pair of soft gardening gloves in my hand.

Sometimes we picked weeds, sometimes we tilled the soil and on a few occasions, I was lucky enough to be along during a harvest, when we would bring home tasty morsels, like Swiss chard, cucumber, radishes and tomatoes by the handfuls.

Despite my limited knowledge of all things gardening, (let’s just say, I’ve unfortunately killed more than one cactus) I always feel nearer to God when close to the Earth.

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