Declare 4 by 4: Things You Should Know About Me If We’re Gonna Be Conference-BFF’s


I am excited and grateful to be attending a blogging conference practically in my own backyard this weekend, The Declare Conference!

This is not my first blogging conference, as I’ve attended Allume {one of my favorites!} for the past two years.   I also attended the Blissdom conference last year–in part because it was in the DFW area, and I got a last minute deeply discounted ticket, thanks to Twitter.

I’m really looking forward to attending Declare,  not only to learn more about my craft, but to connect and meet with fellow local bloggers and writers.

Because I’m also performing in a musical theatre production this weekend as well, this conference experience will definitely look a bit different for me!  

I will be attending the sessions during the day, then hopefully grabbing a quick bite to eat with my fellow conference-goers, before I hop into my car, and head down the street a few miles to the theatre, where I’ll be performing at the theatre each night.  {I’m hoping to catch the audio from the keynote speeches when its available.}

 I hate not being able to be at every single event, but I’m grateful that the location and proximity between the conference site and the theatre is allowing me to juggle the pursuit of my both my writing and theatrical dreams! 

The wonderful folks at Declare are hosting a fun ‘get to know ya’ linkup post for all of the Declare attendees.  If you’re new to my blog, you may already be able to tell I can get a little long-winded with these fun kind of posts! Still, here’s some of my quirks, my dreams and my favorite things.



1. I’m one of those unique personality types known as an ambivert–smack dab center in the middle of extrovert and introvert-land.  Most people who know me well snicker at this knowledge, because truth be told, I probably seem more like an extrovert in person.   But, if I’m around a lot of really BIG personalities (like the actors I work with in musical theatre), I tend to go into quiet, observation mode.  And if I don’t have good chunks of time alone to read and pray and process, I can get mighty cranky.

I think all this really means for conference purposes, is that I really would love to connect with you in person, and I’d love to strike up a conversation over a meal or any of the sessions.  One of the reasons I’m attending Declare to is connect with other local {or otherwise} writers and bloggers, and I’m so looking forward to meeting new friends, and learning from other writers!


2.  I’m Midwestern born, and a happy Texas transplant.  Being an actor, I’ve lived here, there and everywhere.

The most beautiful place I’ve lived was in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The most fun and bustling place was definitely New York City.  The coldest was Minneapolis.  Now, wherever my husband and I are is home.  I’ve been married for a few years to my wonderful Soul Mate Husband, and while we don’t have children yet, we do have a wonderful pup, Daphne, who I fully count as my four-legged baby.


3.  I’ve been a singer and an actor for a good part of my life.  I started out as a classical voice and opera major in college, and eventually realized my real passion was musical theatre.    I spent the next decade or more after school performing in musicals on tour and regionally.   I also spent 5 years in ministry with a large Christian theatre, where I even spent a year helping train animals.   After my last show tour overseas, I found myself working for a veterinary clinic as a pharmacy technician {how I made that long jump is a story best told over dinner and some wine}.   I’m now thrilled to be based in Texas with my sweet husband.  As far as I’m concerned, our life’s journeys is the best adventure.

4.  I love coffee, but only if its chalk full of the sweet stuff, like cream and sugar.  I also love hot tea, and sweet tea.  I’m unfortunately always warm {my husband calls me ‘a human heater’}, which doesn’t always bode well for me in Texas.



1.  Though I’ve been left-handed since I was a child, I’m actually ambidextrous.  A few years ago, I started getting cramps in my left hand, so I started using my right hand just out of convenience.  Now, I pretty much only use my right hand to write!

2.  One of my quirkiest quirks is that I’m OBSESSED with finding the PERFECT PEN!  What can I say? Some women obsess over shoes, I obsess over writing instruments.  The other day, I was in my a fowl mood, as I’ve been fighting a cough/cold, and going into Office Depot and picking up a new pen put a smile on my face.

3.  I love to collect journals and pens when I travel.  I also love to read and collect books on journaling.

4.  My best friend {because, really, who else could?} calls me a ‘stage eater’.  When I’m eating dinner, and having good conversation, I eat, then talk, then eat, then talk.   This isn’t always the best trait to have at a conference, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that.



1.  While expressing my artistry through singing and acting  comes to me naturally, writing is an area of my creativity in which I consider myself to be a novice.  I journaled privately for years, but only a few years ago, did I begin to consider blogging as a way to write publicly.

2. I began blogging in 2008, when I started an online journal to document my travels and performing overseas.  That blog probably had the most catchy title I’ve ever had.  I was playing a nun in the musical, The Sound of Music, so my blog was titled Confessions of A Protestant Nun.  My writing was truly, truly abysmal and should never have been made public, but back then, I had no agenda for blogging, and didn’t expect anyone to read my words who didn’t already know me.    It wasn’t until late 2011, when I moved to Texas, that I began to even consider blogging as a real medium for writing.  I have been writing discussion posts for the SheLoves Magazine Red Couch Book Club this year, and I’d like to contribute my writing to more online sources.

3.  I LOVE to journal–it has been, and probably always will be, my favorite way to write.   I loved reading books on writing  years before I thought about writing publicly.  That probably should have been a clue to my longings to write even then, but I was too wrapped up in my life as an actor and singer to realize it.

I’ve always felt like I’m supposed to write the book I’ve never been able to find on a bookstore shelf.  I’m a hodgepodge of creativity–with my love for singing and acting and writing, and I’d love for my writing to reflect that in the best of ways.  My favorite book, and one of my greatest literary inspirations, is Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith & Artby my favorite author, Madeleine L’Engle.

4.  The more I attend conferences, and continue to chase this dream of writing, the more I also dream of speaking.  I feel it would be a natural progression of my giftings, and my joys as a performer.  I also would love to start a regular podcast on my blog.  I’d love to interview people who inspire me in all sorts of ways.  I’m at that point in my writing dreams where I need help making the abstract specific.  I can’t wait to see what’s next in this area of my creative life!


1.  A pile of my favorite books {usually non-fiction and memoir, unless its summer, and then I dabble in some fiction}, a cup of coffee or tea, and my sweet pup at my feet.  No one said it better than C.S. Lewis:  “You can never get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough, to suit me.”  

2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel.  My husband and I took a trip to Europe a few years ago, and it remains my most favorite trip I’ve ever taken.  {My dream would be my favorite things listed above, in a Tuscan villa….Paradiso, anyone??}.  A dream job for me, would be to get paid to travel and write about it.

3.  I’m usually not without my journal and ‘happy/gratitude’ list wherever I go.

4.  My friends, and my family of friends really are life-giving to me, I can’t be happy for long without them.

So there you have it!  If you’re coming to Declare this weekend, I look forward to meeting you!  

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  1. So very nice to meet you Sarah! Although I won’t be at the conference (I live way back here in Manila, Philippines), I enjoyed getting to know you. I am sure you will have a lot of fun at the conference and meet so many interesting people! Tell us all about it and we can attend vicariously through you! patsy

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